Eyes for the Unseen

I don’t know about you, but some days, there is just too much to look at in my house. Too many toys. Too many dishes. Too many piles of clothes. Too many sibling squabbles. Too many messy diapers. And before I know it, I feel buried under what I can see with these two eyes of mine. And sometimes the “seen” that surrounds me outside the four walls of our home – the terrorism and the pornography, the kidnappings, and the playground bullies – they just pile on top. And the weight of being responsible for my children – the weight of my role to keep them safe and teach them to have a mind of their own, to walk in faith – it all weighs heavy.  With my eyes, I can see that I’m raising my children in a world in which 12-year-old girls are feeling pressured to send nude pictures to boys at school. I can see that the 24/7 connection to social media is putting an incredible pressure on this next generation. I can see that there are real dangers in every adventure my children take. I can look at my child’s behavior and see symptoms of ADHD and learning or personality challenges, and I can project what curses it could mean for their future. I can see how I have wounded them, when I have spoken out of anger or exhaustion. I can see their anxiety when we lead them through a major life change, like a move or a new baby. The “seen” that we walk in day-by-day can weigh so very heavy. And when I walk in these seen places, I can easily become bound up in worry, and forget the joy.

But, when I lift my eyes… Oh, when I lift my eyes. I see that God gave me this job knowing that I couldn’t do it all. He gave it to me knowing that it would lead me into constant dependence on Him, the only One who is able to hem my children in. God gave it to me with 24 hours in a day, and only two eyes, two hands, two feet, one mouth. He gave it to me knowing that He would be weaving together a tapestry of grace and redemption for each of my children, made up partly of the worn and discolored threads that I give them. God gave me this job of mother, and not the job of Savior.  That role has been filled, and the job completed. That Great High Priest has already sat down at the right hand of the Father, after a job well done. Hallelujah.

And so, I’m learning that my days are transformed when I take my eyes off of all of the “seen” things there are to fear, and fix my eyes instead on the Deliverer. When I take my eyes off of what I can see with my eyes and I walk instead in the unseen places, I find peace and freedom. I’m trying a little experiment in my days, and I invite you to join me. When you are inclined to worry or fear, about physical harm to your children, about wounding them emotionally, about not living up, or something else…take just a moment, in rhythm with your breath, to ask the Lord to show you what He 
sees. Breathe in the unseen and breathe out the seen. Breathe in the truth about this moment, and breathe out the lies. He doesn’t see a world full of uncontrollable dangers. He sees legions of angels within his grasp, and ready at his beck and call. God doesn’t see a child who can’t control his temper. He sees a little warrior, full of passion, who He intends to use for mighty purposes. God doesn’t see a broken mother doomed to a broken relationship with her children. He sees a daughter of the King, armed with all the power of the heavenlies through Christ, and called uniquely to raise her little army, in full dependence on her Father in heaven. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a job I want.

10 thoughts on “Eyes for the Unseen

  1. Heather

    Wow, that was so beautiful, Jenny, and I can very much relate to what you wrote. Over the past few months, I’ve been taking just a few moments throughout my day to BREATHE and be mindful of God’s presence in my life. In this stillness, I’m reminded that I’m not alone in this thing called motherhood – that His Holy Spirit is in me at my best times and at my worst. What peace this gives me.

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    • jennymslattery

      Love this, Heather. Thank you! Yes, it is always such an encouragement to hear that we are not alone. It has been sweet for me to have this space to connect with other mamas who are facing the same things I do! Love and blessings, friend!


  2. Helen Jamison

    Jenny, excellent! You are clearly gifted and your blog will bless your readers, even a grandmother like me! May He continue to inspire you to write as you juggle many little people.

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