About Jenny

Hi!  I’m Jenny Slattery.  I’m so glad you stopped by.  Here’s a little about me…

I’m wife of 13 years to my husband, Mike, the most amazing man on the planet.  And for the last 9 or so of those years, God has been growing our wild little flock of five sparkling and spirited children, who fill my heart and life with an abundance of every emotion in the realm of human experience, and overwhelmingly with JOY.

I grew up in the church, and have known about and believed in the goodness of God since I was very young.  But I came to know Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior in high school, through Young Life.  I’d love to say it’s been smooth sailing since then, but you and I both know that this side of heaven life is a bit more sloppy than that.  I like to be honest about the mess of life, marriage, and especially motherhood.  I think our honesty brings freedom, and allows us to also claim the real joy and beauty of things.  When we pretend for each other, we wrap cords of pressure and guilt and shame around this beautiful gift of being a mama.  Though I’ve always known children are a gift, I haven’t always experienced them that way.  These days a sometimes long and hard, often sleepless and thankless, at times lonely and seemingly invisible.

But I’m on a journey to unwrap the gift I’ve been given in being called “Mama.”  Right in the middle of the mess, I’m learning to walk in joy, as I pour my life out into beautifully messy and adorably imperfect humans my husband and I have been given to love and raise in our home.

These children of ours, my friend, are a heritage from the Lord, and arrows in our quiver (Psalm 127: 3-5), an abundant blessing, and a crown on our parents’ heads (Proverbs 17: 6).

Will you sit with me for a few minutes and unwrap a few of your own cords, to grab hold of a bit more of the beauty of this parenting thing?

So glad you’re here.

img_1449.jpg     delighting in


Cover photo by Sheila Perez